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There will be more galleries and more photos of Joel E. Ferraris' works of art coming in the next few days. And as you await the exciting images I invite you to focus your attention to this one particular art piece above. It is a mural made up of a lot of used phonecards gathered from people for several years. The whole art piece is a symbol of the present state of the Diaspora of people from different countries and nationalities experiencing homesickness as the trend of globalization force people to flock to big cities and partake of a lot of opportunities available in those urban jungles, or as the artist put it, concrete canyons with those howling winds of homesickness.

This large art piece titled MANICURED CANYONS AND THE HOWLING WINDS OF HOMESICKNESS was part of a body of works in a solo exhibition. Free Flow: A Solo Exhibition of Constructed Paintings of award-winning Filipino artist Joel E. Ferraris' made its North American debut at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, Pennsylvania USA, which begun with an opening reception and gallery talk Friday of November 3, 2006.